Selection of references:

Ship loader in Norway

Ship loader boom in Norway, weight 60 tons, length 28 m. Loading capacity 200tons/h

100m3 Silo

100m3 silo manufactured for wooden chips storage

Foundation elements

Stainless steel foundation elements for radio locator

Silo for Liqour plant

Testassembly of a 100m3 silo manufactured for a white liquor plant in Chile. D=9,5m; H=6m  

Belt conveyor

Few examples of belt conveyor galleries with length over 30 m waiting for shipment to Finland

Examples of some stainless steel ducts

Loading and shipping to a nearest harbour of a “cradle”

Loading and shipping to a nearest harbour of a “cradle” with weight over 19 tons and width over 6 m. Loading of a 14 ton ship loader boom with length over 28m

Parts of a conveyor working with pressurized water

Biomass boiler feeder


Apron conveyor

Wet ash conveyor

Enclosed conveyor system


Straw pusher system

Belt loader

Construction steel

Silo assembly

Hopper and Conveyor

Moving Hopper